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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2034lb

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While the recent single smooth version of this shape is probably my favorite of this month's design, this one may be a close second. Adding an extra bit of stem ring and longer stem in gives it some more length that helps emphasize the wider oval shank shape of this Canadian variant, plus this marbled stem ring looks quite nice against the jet black bowl finish. The whole thing has a distinctly dressy feel, helped by the silky reflectivity of the finish carving. Check out our Instagram video here to see how it reflects the light when held and turned.

Also, in backstory that probably won't be interesting to anyone but myself, this pipe has a new black finish stain on it. We've used the same opaque black finish for years now but I thought I'd try mixing something different, to see if I (or anyone else) could tell any visual difference. Whereas the black we normally use is mainly a super dark blue base, I thought I'd try something warmer and began this black with a purple base and understain. Like, REALLY really dark purple. Then a separate black went on over top of that to create the solid black look you see here. It's perhaps (?) a hint warmer in color than the prior cool blue-black, but I can't trust my own eyes entirely because I already know what I want to see.