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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2030lb

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Here's another example of this month's chosen Ligne Bretagne shape, an oval-shanked slightly bent Canadian. The long shanks on these give them a distinct grace, but they've been slower to finish than last month's simple billiards as the oval stems and shanks require some extra care during creation or they can be easily ruined - The oval is a very low profile so any errant shaping cut can easily ruin a whole pipe. I hope the results are worth it, though, as they make an unusual and shape that steers classical and yet has that uniquely unusual bend for a Canadian.

This pipe's received our popular "Wookie finish", with a wilder, shaggier variant of our house rustication style coupled with the combination of black fumed bowl rim and black and chocolate runs of color down bowl and shank, enhanced by careful texture highlighting. These are one of the taller bowls we offer in Ligne Bretagne, so it's an ideal pipe for anyone who might find many of the other shapes too small.