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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2028lb

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#2 in this month's Ligne Bretagne shape! I got a bit more elaborate with the carve on this one, thus the 'Extra' stamp in the grading, but I wanted to do something different and also to use some cutting tools I haven't in a while, the finer and narrower ones. The result is a bit more detail and more fineline work, but in the end that was actually kind of swamped by the sheer exuberance of the carve pattern. It's all over the place and I just kept rolling the lines and the curves as I went, then let the darker stains flow freely across the surface to create the look you see above. Check out the underside shot particularly, this is a wild one.

Regarding the shape itself, this month's pipe is one we haven't made many of over the years because it's a PITA on several levels - Hard to drill, hard to align stems for, and with that narrow oval shank that requires absolutely aligned drilling or it just looks goofy. When we were doing pipes one by one, it just wasn't often economical to make these so they've languished - I doubt we've done more than a dozen or so of these shapes over the past 18 years of Ligne Bretagne production. And now here we'll have ten this month! It goes so much better when I can set the tooling for a group set of the things, though. I'm glad to be doing them now, however, because the shape has one of the taller Ligne Bretagne bowls and at the same time is super lightweight by design, with that long skinny shank and no excess bulk anywhere. An exceedingly Zen pipe shape, in my estimation.