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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2027lb

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Here we are already at the first of the Ligne Bretagne pipe shape for March... Dang, this year is passing fast! I wanted to try and offer one of our rare Ligne Bretagne bent shapes for March - I think we only have four or five shapes at most that are bent. I chose this one because it's unusual. We've got plenty of bent Prince shapes and Oom-Pauls and others, but one doesn't often see a bent Canadian. The long oval shank leads back to a nice and slim tapered stem with just a hint of bend to match the cut of the bowl rim.

(PS - Regarding the LB Shape of the Month, we'll soon be letting our Patreon supporters choose the pipe each month... It will be one of the perks of signing up to our Patreon membership. I'm curios to see what the fans want to pick!)

Like the straight Canadians of January, these shapes are ideal canvases for our signature rustication style, with those long and flat shanks showing off as much carving on their own as the bowls do. This pipe has a nicely swirly line pattern enhanced by a strong contrast of fade from the black, fumed bowl rim down over the rich red/brown bowl and shank. I didn't highlight the lower textures as bright as some I've done before, though, as I was after a more even overall color palette... More "Wookie Brown" than tan & black.