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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2025lb

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It's the end of this month's shape! We started out this month dedicated to producing ten of these new larger-sized billiards, and ended up doing not just ten of these but five of their shorter, squat billiard cousins as well. That made February a very nice Billiard Month indeed. This is the last of the bigger ones we'll do for a good while, though we haven't yet decided what next month's shape will be. It's a nice piece to go out on, though, with a dynamic swirled rustication pattern that wraps and flares around the bowl and shank like some sort of groovy 70's black light poster. The long stem and shank give it the classical style to offset its crazy carving and I'm super pleased at how nicely it turned out.

It did go in one unexpected direction, however - I'd originally intended for the bowl highlighting to match the lighter color veins in the cumberland stem ring but I ended up highlighting it a wee bit too much and the texture ended up being brighter than the cumberland coloring. When I sat back and looked at it, however, I found I liked it better with the stronger contrast anyway, so I kept it as-is - It has more "From across the room" *pop* now, for want of a better phrase.