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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2024lb

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Second to the last squat billiard for the month! We're going out on a high note, I hope, particularly with this one, which had to b e priced a wee bit higher than the others due to the ridiculous amount of carving work that went into the bowl and shank. This is a great example of our collaborative process, because Emily came up with the linework pattern and laid in all the main carving while I was putting in some Pumpkin time, then we both together refined the surface texture pattern and I finished it with the staining and highlighting. It's a wild thing, with curves and swoops and swirls flowing all around bowl and shank both in an almost spiderweb-like pattern.

There's one more of these to come, plus one of the taller billiards also, and then we'll be done with February's billiards. We haven't decided on what the shape for March will be but it will likely be a while before we get back to billiards, so grab one while you can!