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The Talbert Halloween Pipes 

Welcome to the Talbert Halloween page! This is also, I hope, the opening of a permanent new page on our website - A dedicated location for future Halloween pipes that I will carve year-round. There won't be any schedule to these and they'll be posted rarely, but when I feel like I have a concept worth rendering into briar, here is where I will be posting my "Top of the Top". From 2012 onwards, all Halloween pipes will be marked with their own custom "Talbert Halloween" stamp (See Stamping for more details). For the full story behind these Next Generation Halloween pipes, see my blog entry here.

I am sorry to say that I can't accept orders, commissions, or specific requests on these. I only make them as I have the time and inspiration and the right block of briar for the project, and these elements cannot be forced, in my experience.

Aficionados of horror in film and book form might also enjoy visiting my review site, Kentucky Fried Popcorn, where I semi-regularly post my reviews and commentary on a wide range of genre films and novels, as well as the occasional editorial.

Finally, here are a few desktop wallpapers for your amusement. I'd hoped to make a Talbert Halloween themed wallpaper, but ran out of time, so instead here are a few of my personal seasonal favorites. Eventually I'll be posting some pipe-themed wallpapers here.