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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1901G 

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Back in the summer we had a number of pipes started that all had to be set aside once October Pumpkin season ran up on us, and they're all getting finished now. This is the first Goblin of 2019! It's hard to believe we haven't done a single one so far in 2019, but then the first quarter of the year was basically a washout due to my wife's surgery recovery. Still, if this ends up being the only Goblin of 2019, it's a worthy one - I absolutely love this thing!

I should caution first though that it's huge, as in HUGE. Note in the photo above how it completely squashes and overlaps the Zippo lighter. This isn't really a pipe for a clencher unless they have an iron jaw, but the egg-like bowl shape suits hand-holding very nicely, especially with the bottom curved point tucked in between ring and little finger.

The stem is acrylic, with a nicely funneled bit slot interior that will easily pass an extra-fluffy pipecleaner from bit to bowl. The rippled green & black stem ring is color-matched to the stain, or rather vice-versa - The bowl stain fades from black on the lower point and bowl up to a matching emerald green at the plateau top.

The real star is probably the sandblasted grain, though. The block was a (very) older one and hard as stone, so that coupled with the extremely tight age ring pattern meant that a super-deep blast was not going to be possible... but I think that ended up a positive, because I like the smooth profile curves of the bowl and shank and it makes an unusually elegant silhouette.