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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1801G "The Devil's Hawkbill" 

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The first Goblin of the year! That's the sort of significance that tends to make me pace, but with this one I just decided to follow my tried-and-true strategy of making something I liked myself and not worrying what anyone else thought. The result proved to be a sturdy, thick-walled beastie that was ridiculously difficult to photograph, at least for any attempt to convey the shape of the "horns" on the bowl rim. I kept them backswept to enhance the drama of the overall design, and kept them angled back along the sides to keep the pipe easy to load and light. The final tweak of inspiration came when doing the beveled smooth bowl rim - I decided to let the smooth rim edges flow up and back to give the horns a bit of smooth finish contrast. It might look pointy, but I actually put a surprising amount of thought into planning how it could look pointy and still be comfortable to hold. The fingers wrap neatly around the egg-shaped bowl and the lower point vanishes into the space between middle and ring finger.

The stem is ebonite, filed and deep V-channeled for easy pipecleaner passage from bit to bowl, and the draw is effortless - That's been a trademark of the Talbert Workshop since 1996. The stem ring is polished olivewood, because I love the way olivewood looks with green pipes of any shade, and particularly this style of contrast-stained forest/moss green. I didn't want to go for a flashy bright green, I wanted the form, the curves, and the silhouette to be dominant to the eye, so I opted for a deep stain of our earthy custom-mixed "Goblin-green" and then topped it with a thinned black coat, rubbed back for a subtle bit of recess contrast. The crosscut sandblast on this thing is quite beautiful... REALLY tight rings in a very Goblin-ey squiggle pattern, wriggling all round the bowl's girth as they cover from side to side.

As for the name the Devil's Hawkbill, well, it looks a bit hawkbill-esque and it's certainly devilish! Plus, it makes a nice reference for doing more pipes similar to this one, given how much I like the overall shape.

A nice way to start the year, methinks!