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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1608G 

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Goblins very, very rarely break the $500 barrier, but this one is a showpiece in the extreme - Easily the most spectacular and dramatic Goblin we've done this year and probably for many years... The problem with Goblins for me is that I intended them to be a more affordable alternative to Talbert Halloween pipes, and they still are by hundreds of dollars, but I do tend to get carried away in the fun of the shaping and carving, and more than once I've ended up with something like this, a Halloween-worthy amount of labor hours crammed into a more affordable piece. It may sit at the upper end of the Goblin pricing scale, but I doubt you'd find anything more dramatic for the same price! If anyone is building a Goblin collection, this one really should be the King of the Fae...

A word of caution, though - It's a big pipe. By "big", I mean - Look at the last two photos above. Those pics are of the pipe sitting on my Zippo lighter, for size comparison. The Zippo nearly vanishes under the size of the pipe! It's quite a handful, and not at all "convenient", in the sense that you're just not going to be sticking this in a pocket and going off for a walk, or cramming it into an overnight bag for a trip. Its size and tentacular-ness alone mean it's pretty much a stay-home smoker - It's a natural sitter, so it would make an ideal reading pipe, though. The bowl is large and very thick-walled, and despite the wild styling it is essentially a bent billiard or Rhodesian "under the skin", as it were.

The styling, however... It was cut from a plateau block with some wonderfully craggy outer "bark", and there was no way I could make a Goblin form it without incorporating that natural plateau into being the dominant focus of the shape. The result is this, a wild splash of sandblasted outer burl of peaks and valleys and ridges and ripples that gives the whole pipe a powerful sense of "life". Between the waving plateau and the snappish S-curve curl of the shank and stem, it constantly looks in motion.