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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1607G 

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How wild can you handle? This is a BIG pipe, and by "big" I don't mean heavy or bulky, but extra long and sweeping and dynamic... With the extended sweep of the stem, it's almost a "2/3rds Churchwarden" (For the sake of visualization, it reaches about 2/3 of the way from my wrist to my elbow). It's a long pipe. I wanted it to have a really dramatic, sweeping sort of flair to it, something that bespoke of long, lanky Goblins smoking in tangled thickets of undergrowth. Yes, I know it's July, not October, but I'm forcibly willing Halloween pipe season to stretch out and get here sooner!

It's unusual from most pipes like this in a different sort of way, too - The stem is acrylic, not vulcanite. One doesn't typically find acrylic stems this long because acrylic is a pain in the ass to drill for extended lengths, pardon my French, but I wanted something long that I could shape for the custom flare that mirrors the top of the shank end. As a result, it's a little thicker than an ebonite stem would have been but nowhere near as thick as our horn stems need to be, and it carries the pleasant advantage of never fading.

As for the overall shape, it's one of those pipes that I just sat down and sketched in one single shot, quickly defining the main sweep of the curves right down to it's "upside-down witch's hat" bowl shape. I never expected to get such a striking display of ring-grain, though - The sandblasting on this just came out stellar, with that rare combo of really tight age rings and deep definition... Usually you get one or the other, but not both! I took a lot of photos of the bowl's ring-grain stacking from various angles just to try and convey how nice it is. The forward curve of the bowl means it fits the hand nicely - It's what I think of as the ideal reading pipe, really.