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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1606G 

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A practical Goblin? I only say that because the majority of our Goblins tend to be pretty huge and heavy, whereas this curled beastie is a lot lighter weight than usual and is, for all practical purposes, a nice bent Author. With fangs. And gills. Yes, we just watched Revenge of the Creature the other night, and I am the definition of "Wearing my influences on my sleeve", as the old saying goes. I'm working on a number of Talbert Briar commissions at the moment and this turned into the workshop "fun pipe" that got played and frolicked with in between the bouts of focusing on Very Serious Art with the new Talberts. It has smooth polished teeth around the bowl rim which were damnably hard to capture in photos without the top just looking lumpy, but I hope their hooked shapes can be made out in these shots. The pointed bowl bottom is a flare of natural plateau grain, giving the bowl bottom the look of hanging Spanish Moss.

The stem is natural horn, handcut in France, and the stem ring is green marbled German vulcanite, cut from rod. That created a staining challenge, but fortunately Emily is a wizard with stain color mixing, and she worked out the custom combination of greens and blacks that make up the pipe's finish, with brighter green tones to match the stem ring and black recesses. The grain turned out to be terrific, too... The sandblasted pattern of the wavy age rings just adds to the mossy, swampy, "underwater" feel of the pipe - It really is straight from the Black Lagoon to your pipe cabinet!