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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1603G  

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Following along with the theme of "Goblin renditions of classical shapes", here is a Goblin Rhodesian. The initial design was straightforward, but I wanted the bowl ring to be curved and canted to match the overall side sweep of the pipe - Seen in profile, the bowl ring and shank & stem curve both point off to the same horizon point. While the overall aesthetic hews to "wide and fat", that doesn't mean it can't incorporate some graceful lines as well!

The top part of the bowl is rusticated AND sandblasted. The idea was for maximum gnarliness, a tangled thicket of roots and vines and leaves. Coupled with the stronger blasting we're now able to do, it produces a pretty dramatic effect - Not plateau, but similarly natural and yet distinctly different in look.

I should probably also mention, if for bragging rights at least, that the rings on this pipe and on #1602G were both cut by hand, not by lathe. It requires a pretty steady hand, but it can be done, and hand-cutting rings like this allows for some more creative ring effects than what's easily possible with lathe turning.

The stain is two stage - First the pipe was stained with a deep green/black base, which was rubbed back for a top finish of lighter green. The contrast staining really helps the grain detail "pop", and oh my, the grain! I really only wanted a basic flame grain pattern and instead, the thing is absolutely covered with wriggly tight age rings. They're so close and so tight that it's virtually impossible to count them, though I'm rough guessing that the bowl alone probably has 40+ years of growth in it.