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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1601G

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The first Goblin of 2016! I've mentioned in a few previous posts that we were having some troubles with our sandblaster - The moisture filter needed changing badly and the pressure regulator was somehow bolloxed up, with the combined effect of reducing out working air pressure a good bit. We were still able to produce good blasts but it took a lot longer time than it should have, and it wasn't possible to do some of the more extreme-style blasts that I'm known for. I finally managed to get all the parts in that I needed and took the air lines apart and rebuilt the thing, practically. With the sandblaster working at 110% again, I was eager to do something very "extreme", very out-there, in terms of radical blasting.

I've been asked often for two things with Goblins - to make more "semi-classical" shapes in the line (That is, Goblinesque bulldogs and such instead of all clawed and fanged mushrooms) and to make some bowls that were lighter and more typical pipe sizes rather than the usual heavy ODA+ Goblins. I decided to combine both in this pipe, because I wanted to do a really dramatic sandblast and I wanted an elegant, simpler shape that would "get out of the way" of the blast, aesthetically speaking... that is, I wanted the blast to be the undisputed star of the show for this pipe. And, that's what I got! A horn seemed the obvious shape choice simply for its historical, Viking-ish, "natural world" style - I can easily picture Puck smoking something like this in the undergrowth.

With the horn style established, I gave it a good bit of extra flair with the sweep and sharp edges of the curving bowl rim, and of course a horn stem was an obvious choice too. This one is one of our French handcut stems, with gentle creamy grain texture shifting from bone white to caramel near the bit. The band section is a ring of naturally black Breton morta, capped at each end by polished copper inserts.

For the sandblasting itself, well, I pretty much went nuts, which is probably obvious. It was so much fun to be able to get really dramatic depth that I just kept blasting and blasting, working for different angles and literally forming the curvature of the bowl and shank with the sandblasted as sculpting instrument rather than the sanding disc. The results, I hope, pretty much speak for themselves! Overall, it's about the size and length of your typical straight billiard, making it a good bit lighter weight and more portable than the usual Goblins. A terrific way to start the 2016 Goblins!