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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1517G 

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I liked Goblin #1509 so much I wanted to do another, or several more, similar to it. I've got a number of these wide... make that *really* wide... blocks, and they're ideal for any sort of shape that's really extravagantly fat and squat. The *walls* in this pipe are thicker than the diameter of some complete small bowls I've made! It's not the sort of pipe that the smoker will ever have to worry about getting too warm in the hand - If anything, the owner will have to exercise a little more attention to not smoking it too hot without the usual tactile cues from the outer wall temp. But, it sits quite happily on its base so it's easy to set it down to cool for a bit, no pipe stand required.

The wavy shape of the plateau top pretty much styled the rim naturally - the curling and flared bowl rim is more a product of the briar than of my own styling, though I did sculpt the curves of the smooth section in such a way as to allow the smoker to see the chamber while lighting (A long time ago, I bought a pipe that was tilted so much I couldn't see the rim to light it, and it drove me crazy, thus my attention to this ever since). The stem is a handcut horn piece, filed in the Jura by the same now-gone company that made all my horn stems, and the finely-grained pale horn makes a striking contrast against the dark earthy green of the bowl. Speaking of, the smooth rim shows off some *nice* bird's-eye - Check out the close-up photo of the top, above.

It is, in short, a huge Pacman Frog of a pipe, and a fat, fun, and rather mischievous Goblin, perfect for the week leading up to Halloween!