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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1514G 

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Ever since the late 90's, even before France, I've had a small stock of quite old Algerian briar blocks, and I've added to them a few times while using them very sparingly, usually no more than one or two a year. They are, simultaneously, great-smoking and really weird. That is, they don't have grain like "normal" blocks, which are usually in predictable crosscut or flame grain orientations. The old Algerian blocks have grain that basically goes everywhere, in every direction, at whim. It sandblasts really well, but the crazy grain usually ends up producing really bizarre looking grain patterns just like this - This Goblin was *wonderfully* gnarly, craggy, prominent, deep-blasted age rings... and they pretty much swirl crazily all over the bowl and shank. Lovers of classical-looking blasts may not like it, while fans of the odder and more unusual displays of briar grain should find it fascinating.

Otherwise, it's functionally basically a canted poker with some extra exotic styling flair. Like the last two, I was looking for something that could be kept simpler in style to keep the price down, while letting the grain provide all of the drama, instead of the styling. Which is not to say it's boring, because it's still quite unique and very funky, with that distinctly "bottom of the garden" feel that I like for our Goblins to have.

The stem is a French-handcut horn bit with some really excellent grain - Lots of color variation and contrast variation, it's just a beautiful example of the material.