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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1513G

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OK, I admit it, I was getting a bit Chuck Jones here... I recently dug out our Bugs Bunny Halloween DVDs, which have all the Looney Toons "horror"-themed cartoons on them (Remember the eggheaded mad scientist in the castle with the giant robot? The huge red shaggy thing with sneakers? The time Tweety drank the Jekyll & Hyde potion? Yep, THOSE...). Undoubtedly, the dramatic sweep and sway of the cartoons' background art and aesthetic were more than a wee bit influential here, inspiring a freehand churchwarden that doesn't even look quite real.

Despite the wild styling, though, it's still quite practical and functional - The airhole is a straight shot to the bowl, the big curving flared of the front curls comfortably around the forefinger when held, and I was careful to keep the back rim of the bowl low enough (and the curvature of the stem high enough) that the bowl chamber can still be seen during lighting (I really hate bowls that I can't see when I light them).

My photography was only marginally successful at capturing the stain here. I first blasted the pipe all over, then applied a penetrating rich black understain, then blasted back lightly over the top of that. This allows the grain to retain its contrast while removing the outer thin coating of opaque black from the surface. Then, I gave it its final green color, letting the black show through for maximum grain contrast. It's a really stunning bit of blasting, with tight age rings wrapping all around the bowl and some excellent grain showing through, but the flaring top and curvy body made getting the lighting positioned rather challenging. The simple result is, it looks better in real life when it can be rotated in the hand than it does in my photos.

Dramatic pipe!