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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1512G

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This pipe was made as the twin of Goblin #1510G, though being handmade things they have a few differences. For one, this one's bigger - A taller bowl and a deeper chamber. For another, this one came out with a much deeper, craggier sandblast. Different original briar sources would be my guess, despite both coming from the same cutting mill and both being identically aged for the past 30+ years. The grain pattern here helped, as it was more plateau-oriented, with broad wide age rings to #1510's tight intricate ones. That enabled a lot more depth and definition from the blast and the result is a wonderfully rocky looking thing - Very gnarled.

I should also mention that this pipe IS green. It's a very dark green, though, nearly black, but you can tell it's green if you get it in bright enough light. Emily's been doing more stain mixing and created this so we'd have a handy final color for any Goblins that we wanted to have a darker, more ominous finish than some of our brighter greens.