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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1511G

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OK, #1510G gave us our practical Goblin, now it's back to giant insane ones! :D Actually, though, #1510G is one of a pair, the other still to be finished, but this made a rather nice change-of-pace between. HUGE! Seriously, it's a big pipe. If you're after something lightweight, compact, or that you can smoke in under an hour, look elsewhere. This pipe differs from a lot of the other Goblins in that it has a filed black gloss acrylic stem instead of the usual ebonite or horn. I typically go for the other materials because they're easier to work with, but here, I figured clenching weight just wasn't going to be an issue (I doubt many people have the jaw muscles to walk around with this thing clenched in their teeth all day), so I opted for something that would never fade or require any maintenance. Plus, horn was out anyway due to the extreme length needed - The stem by itself had to be 10cm long just to have enough visual weight to balance the huge briar bowl.

And AS for the bowl... It was a large-sized chunk of plateau and nearly all of the block was used in making this. Some careful shaping has integrated the plateau top down into the sides, to give it even more of a "grown" feeling, as opposed to "carved". Despite the size and the bend, it has an effortless draw and easy pipecleaner passage, though it takes nearly all of a pipecleaner's length to reach the bowl! The sandblasting was something of a challenge, because the grain density was off the charts. Ultimately, it shows off some amazingly detailed ring grain patterns, which wriggle and cover the entire bowl. It wasn't possible to blast it very deeply because of this grain density - Most of these rings are packed together so tightly that you couldn't fit a fine-point pencil lead between them - but nonetheless they produced a really striking grain display. I'll let the photos provide the rest of the sales pitch on this one - It's a genuinely outstanding thing.