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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1509G

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A lot of the recent Goblins have been huge, tall, flashy things, so I thought I'd take a stylistic break and do another very flat, very fat, very squat one. This, in my own opinion, is a Hobbit pipe... not the unwieldy churchwardens they carried around in the movies, which no sane person would ever take as a traveling pipe, much less someone with small proportions and thick fingers and practical tastes. No, to me, a proper Hobbit pipe would be really round, thick walled, simple in style, durable, and probably have more than a touch of earthy greenery about it... et voila, here's the pipe!

In the realm of trivia, the small marbled vulcanite ring in the stem dates back to the 1920's. While I was in France, I had the chance to buy some extremely old stock of marbled vulcanite in a few different colors (Greens, browns, blues, tan). It's beautiful material but since I don't have much of it and there won't be any more, I've been rather hoarding it - only using a little every now and then. In this instance, though, I had to slice off enough to make this ring form, because the brown colors of the tan & brown rods were a perfect color match for the grain colors in the French-handcut horn stem. I realize that's a lot of story for a very minor visual detail!

In functional terms, it's an exceedingly practical pipe. While the bowl isn't tall, it is larger than usual in diameter, and is straight-walled and round-bottomed, making it a design that will smoke just about any kind of tobacco well. Also in the department of practical advantages, it will sit upright on its base, with its stem up off the desk, so the owner won't need to worry about squeezing its extremely wide body into a normal-sized pipe stand slot.