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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1508G

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This year's seasonal Goblins are definitely tilting more complex and unusual than usual. It's been an odd journey for these things, which started off as a way to do simple, basic (but weird) freehand shapes as a much cheaper alternative to the costs of the quite-complex Talbert Halloweens. However, as I've done more and more Goblins and fewer Halloween pipes, the Goblins have been gradually getting more detailed and complicated and labor intensive on their own... and none more so than this year's bunch, since I'm totally in the Halloween mood now and all I want to do is make bizarre and ghoulish creations in the workshop. (I'd really love to do a Halloween pipe or two this year, but am just not in the position where I can afford to roll the dice on a couple of "Maybe they'll sell, maybe they won't" $1000+ pipes)

Instead, I present this wonderfully creepy-crawly slug, which looks positively alive and as if it's in mid-motion, wriggling its way across the desk. It's handy that way, too, since it doesn't need a pipe stand and sits happily on its plateau front. The curve of the stem is designed to contrast the curve of the sandblasted age rings in the briar, which essentially form the pipe's horn shape with their linear travel. The whole thing merges together quite nicely into a rather "forest-wild" rendition of unconstrained nature in pipe form. I wish every pipe would blast this nicely! The age rings are *really* strong and I was pleased at how well they could be incorporated into the overall design of the pipe - It really does look as if it grew this way, rather than having been carved.