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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1507G

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Fat Goblin! It's just about perfectly as round in diameter as it is high, best seen in the top-down view above. It's a variation of the old "Hobbit" shape I used to make back in the late 90's, with a wide round body and a flared top, except in this case it's been taken beyond "hobbit" and more into "Something at the bottom of the garden". I picked the block purposefully because it was unusually-shaped - Very wide and square, with a range of outer plateau bark going partly across the top and down one side. That's what I retained for the flaring circle around the bowl chamber - The rough burl bark literally splashes and pours outward, from the bowl rim and back down, towards the shank and stem. It lends what might otherwise be a fairly conventional shape a distinct sense of feralness and whimsy.

Also, the grain, oh my! It sandblasted *really* well... In fact, after fighting with a lot of hard-briared Ligne Bretagnes lately, it was a positive joy to have something that I could get some really craggy surface texture from. Check out the "upside down" close-ups in particular to get a nice view of what I mean - The age ring pattern on this came out really excellently.

The horn stem is from our gradually declining stock of old French handcut stems, with the usual pros and cons of that material. It's prettier than just about any other stem material, but it doesn't do well with clenchers, so this is a pipe that it would be better to mostly hand-hold, to ensure a long life for the bit. Besides, it fits so comfortably into the palm (The *whole* palm, mind...!) that it's a joy to hold.

If these first two Goblins are anything to judge by, it's going to be a good Halloween season here in our workshop...