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Ligne Bretagne Goblin #1506G 

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It is most definitively Halloween season here in the workshop! Ever since I saw the first Halloween stuff appearing in the stores, I've wanted to start working on a bunch of Goblins, and here is the first of this Autumn's batch. I actually ended up getting a bit TOO carried away with it, drifting more toward the complex stylings of a Talbert Halloween than the simpler and more naturalistic character of a Goblin, which is why it's a wee bit more expensive... It just ended up with more labor in it than intended, because I was having too much fun. The overall look is VERY "liquid"... I wanted it to be organic and positively sinuous, and hope that's been achieved. The natural plateau top alternates from sandblasted surface to smooth and curvy parts, while the nearly-shankless design flows smoothly and uninterruptedly from bowl down into curving stem, for a 100% organic, "alive" appearance.

Aside from the details of the carving, it also sandblasted extraordinarily well, with tight but well-defined ring grain patterns covering the entire bowl. The age rings are quite dense and tightly packed - Too tightly, in fact, for me to reliably count them, but suffice to say that I suspect this one piece of briar is probably older than a great many of my customers! Also, for the display-minded, it WILL "sit"... That is, you can tilt the bowl forward and it will balance on the tripod of bowl base and the two front pointy bits. Very handy, that, because not only does it not need a pipe stand, but it will make an instant seasonal desktop decoration anywhere you set it!