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2010 Goblin UNSMOKED 

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Easily one of the wildest looking Goblins we've ever done. This pipe sold back in 2010 and has remained unsmoked ever since, until it was donated back to us now to help with paying Emily's surgery expenses. I jumped at the chance to improve it a bit, though, as in 2010 our green staining was still developing and wasn't as durable as it is now - Some of the green had already come off of this pipe just from handling it, so I took this opportunity to completely sand and refinish the entire pipe in a much more durable deep green contrast-stained finish that's quite beautiful and certainly eye-catching!

The shape is complex enough that it took a lot of photos to try and capture the overall sense of it, and Google Photos helped out a bit also by creating this handy GIF of a few pics that were similar -


It's a TERRIBLY impractical thing by any stretch, though it actually holds a lot more comfortably than it looks - the arc of the bowl fits the palm shape nicely. However, you pretty much have to have an Old Boy-style side-flame lighter to light it. It's not as hard as it looks but you have to light from the front of the bowl, in between the "wings". Fortunately that's directly in your eye line so it's easy to see what you're doing. Indeed, while it looks radical and exotic, it's really quite conventional "under the skin", with a centered airhole and stem that will easily pass a cleaner to the bowl bottom.

Dare I say Henson-esque? It would be the perfect pipe to watch The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth with...