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Goblins FAQ 

What's the story behind these pipes?  They're the direct result of a desire to have fun with pipemaking.  I originally created them in a year when I knew I wasn't going to have the time to make a set of Talbert Halloween Pipes, but the thought of going through October without doing anything quirky and strange was very depressing.  I hit upon the idea of making something different - a set of Ligne Bretagne Collectors, all in strange goblin-esque shapes, all green, and many with horn stems.  Making them as LBs allows allow me to save time and put the focus primarily on having fun with them.  Another benefit is to keep the prices much more accessible, which will be an especially big help for the hundreds of people who have emailed me over the years to say that they loved the Halloween pipes but just couldn't afford them.  While the Goblins aren't going to be the incredibly complex and intricate creations that the TB Halloween pipes are, I hope they'll be popular.  My aim is to keep the basic designs strong and simple and quirky.

What's the difference between Ligne Bretagne Goblins and Talbert Halloween Pipes?  They're simpler in design, with the accent more on "playfully strange" than outrightly sinister.  They're all some variation of green in color, and the majority will have either handcut horn stems made in St. Claude, or custom acrylic or vulcanite stems.  Also, they'll be considerably less expensive, because my focus is on keeping them simple, odd, and playful rather than obsessively complex.  In many ways, I'm approaching these pipes the same way I approached the first Talbert Halloween set - just trying to do something different and creative.

Is there a theme to these pipes?  Yes!  I'm attempting to keep the stylistic focus of the Goblins very naturalistic, both in terms of colors (green and earth stains, and horn stems and trim) and in overall design.  I'd like for the shapes to echo the design motifs of the faerie worlds created by such artists as Jim Henson and Brian Froud.  I want my Goblins to be excellent smoking pipes, but also to be alive...

How many do you make?  While they were originally intended to be an October occasion, today I make Goblins year-round, as time allows. It is a balancing act to produce Goblins as well as the other lines we make. I'd estimate that I probably make around 12 to 18 Goblins per year.

Can I special order one?  No, not really... I should stress that Goblins are very much individual creations matched to the natural character of their briar blocks, and do not always copy well. Generally I find I get the best results simply by picking a block and making the pipe it wants to be, rather than trying to make it conform to a pre-set shape idea.

Can I get one that isn't green?  Some of them will be a very earth-toned green & brown combination, but the short answer is no, they will all be some variant of green in color.