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Our 2010 Gallery 

2010 was a terrific year in every respect. We re-opened the website and were back in fulltime business in the USA. Output was staggered and intermittent still, as the workshop was in an ongoing stage of assembly and we weren't able to get a sandblasting compressor until nearly Autumn. Despite this, we did turn out some good pipes. More importantly, we were able to put Talbert Pipes back on the map of the pipe collecting world, with strong sales and renewed relations with collectors in the US. We attended pipe shows again and had a great time being back home with friends and family. It was only a partial year of business - Our website didn't re-open until April, if I recall correctly - so we didn't produce a large number of pipes but we certainly were relieved to be back in a working business again. This was also the first year since something like 2004 that we made any Halloween pipes. When not working, we re-explored our state of North Carolina, seeing what had changed in our seven years of absence, and indulged in familiar foods we'd been away from for too long. The year was capped off with a Christmas snow, the first in NC for almost 30 years!

  • Talbert #5
    Talbert #5
  • Talbert #7
    Talbert #7
  • Talbert #6
    Talbert #6
  • Talbert #8
    Talbert #8
  • Halloween #2
    Halloween #2