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Our 2009 Gallery 

2009 was the year that our life in France pretty much collapsed, and we moved back to the USA. Our business taxes had increased astronomically - in the middle of a global depression, no less - and the French tax offices were utterly unhelpful in arranging any means by which we could carry on. We opted to sell our house and move back to the USA. We signed for the house sale in January of 2009, but our buyer in Herbignac broke the contract and backed out of the purchase, AFTER we had officially shut down the business in France and allowed our working visas to expire. This left us with no option but to leave the country, while still owning the house from afar and having no money from the sale to pay for all the costs of the move, re-establishing the business in the USA, etc. Thanks to the help of friends and family, we were able to cover the move and get the business going again, but it took the greatest part of the year. Probably the saddest part of the whole affair was that we had hoped to at least leave Brittany in a peaceful, wistful way, taking good memories with us of how our French life worked out OK in the end..... except that it didn't, and it ended as it began, in complete chaos and disaster. We had hoped to depart with a lot of happy memories but instead departed with a lot of bitterness and anger. Because of this gigantic relocation, we did NO pipemaking this year except for a few pipes towards the very end of the year, and that is why this gallery page is empty. The biggest change in 2009 was the complete website re-write - I redesigned the entire site myself prior to re-opening it after our move to the states.