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Our 2008 Gallery 

2008 was a challenging year. Business in 2007 had been great but 2008 was the year the world plunged into economic chaos, and our business dropped off accordingly. It actually wasn't that bad - One would think makers of a niche, high grade product would suffer terribly during the sort of depression that hit that year, but really we held out OK. Our bigger problem was month to month survival. Based on our income of 2006, our first decently profitable year in France, the French business tax people nearly tripled our monthly tax bills. Between that and the business drop-off from the economy, we spent the entire year in a serious scramble just to keep the bills paid. But there was MUCH worse waiting just around the corner in 2009.....

  • Billiard Monster
  • The Comet
    The Comet
  • Horn
  • Bent Bulldog
    Bent Bulldog