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Our 2007 Gallery 

2007 was our best year in France by far. The business was running well, we were actually able to relax just a tiny bit, and we were even able to take a mini-vacation in the form of a business trip to the Rheinbach pipe show in Germany. That was a terrific experience, being side by side with the very best European pipemakers on their own ground. I also finally got to meet a lot of our European collector friends face to face, including the legendary Guillaume Laffly of the French pipe club Fumeurs de Pipe. We also had the chance to visit Peter Heinrich's pipe shop in Germany, which is in my experience the single most incredible pipe shop in the world. It is worth a trip to Germany just to visit this shop, in all seriousness. We did not make a huge number of mortas this year, and only a couple of Signatures, so those are rolled into the gallery below at the bottom.

  • Ballerina
  • Billiard
  • The Flame
    The Flame
  • Elrond
    The Elrond
  • Nemo
  • PokerMonster
  • Olivier
  • Scallop