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Our 2006 Gallery 

2006 was a horrendous year, in so many ways. We started off the year badly behind on money, and I was out of commission for an extended period from illness to make matters worse. The entire year seemed to be one disaster after another, until I felt completely punch-drunk by the time December rolled around and I closed out the year by completing the 2006 group pipes for French club Fumeurs de Pipe. But, amid all these problems, some major evolution was going on. This was the first year without Halloween pipes, and I introduced my very basic idea of the Pfeifenigma. I began actively sending the majority of my pipe production to US retailer Pipe & Pint, which helped turn things around in the second half of the year as far as cash flow went.
Changes in digital camera and photography style over the year have given the thumbnails for this gallery page a hilariously schizo look!

  • The Pitcher Plant
    The Pitcher Plant
  • Rameses #3
    Rameses #3
  • Bulldog #2
    Bulldog #2
  • Bulldog #4
    Bulldog #4
  • FdP Pipe #24
    FdP Pipe #24
  • FdP Pipe #1
    FdP Pipe #1
  • Moebius Bolus #3
    Moebius Bolus #3
  • The Korrigan
    The Korrigan

The Best of Talbert Morta in 2006

We made a lot of mortas in 2006, but they were nearly all variations of Morta Classics. Out of the entire year, I only made ONE Signature grade morta, the Valiant! I can't recall now who bought it, but they have the one single Signature Morta of 2006. Since I have tons of little blocks and few larger ones, we made the mutual decision here to do a LOT of Morta Classics, and I think 2006 saw the widest range of Classic styles and shapes yet. Plus, we introduced a series of Bettafish shapes priced near the Classics, and they were quite popular too, as well as a real joy to make. The 'Betta-bowl' is the perfect dimensions and shape for the typical-size morta block.

  • The Valiant
    The Valiant
  • Bamboo Classic #14
    Bamboo Classic #14
  • Bettafish #4
    Bettafish #4
  • Bettafish #10
    Bettafish #10