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Our 2005 Gallery 

I don't remember much about 2005, because I am writing this in January of 2007. January of 2006 was so chaotic and busy that there was no time for such frivolity as updating the past year's gallery, and that mood carried out through the rest of the years until I just forgot all about it. So, now I sit here trying to think... 2005, hmm. It was the last year I made a Halloween pipe set, and the pieces sold at auction for record prices for Talbert Briar. Otherwise, I was occupied with several sudden requests for variations of popular Danish shapes, like the Elephant's Foot and Blowfish, and from my archives I appear to have made roughly a dozen of each for various requests. But, that is what they were for - requests - because I just wouldn't make an Elephant's Foot on my own. Don't like the shape, personally, though I'm proud of the ones I did and think they were decent examples of the genre. In this year's "Best Of", I've got two of the Halloween pipes (Grendel's Mother taking the new record as the most complex and difficult pipe I've completed), and some designs of my own, like the Alchemist and the Seahorse.

  • Egg #1
    Egg #1
  • Alchemist #4
    Alchemist #4
  • The Alfa
    The Alfa
  • Seahorse #1
    Seahorse #1
  • The Undine
    The Undine
  • Grendel's Mother
    Grendel's Mother

The Best of Talbert Morta in 2005

I'm writing this 2005 "Best Of" in January of 2007 so I hope I can be forgiven for not remembering the details of 2005 so well. We'd gotten pretty good with morta by this point, and learned the vagaries (many) of the material. After making no Signature grade pipes at all in 2004, I did several in '05, as well as introducing the immediately-popular bamboo-shank Morta Classics.

  • Morta Signature #1
    Morta Signature #1
  • The Signature
    The Signature
  • Signature
  • Morta Bamboo Classic #13
    Morta Bamboo Classic #13