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Our 2004 Gallery 

I think in retrospect, 2004 was a decent year - the first in several years of hassles and problems. It had its own share of troubles and challenges but at least we were able to make some progress here on the personal front (mostly getting a great deal of renovation and repair work done in our house). The language troubles eased up a bit and we aren't so dogged by pointless annoyances as we were in the past, though unfortunately this did not turn into increased pipe production - if anything, we made fewer pipes in 2004 than in 2003, mainly due to the time spend on other personal projects. Normally I work on Halloween pipes over the whole year but in 2004 I spent the winter and spring renovating the upstairs office and hall, and ended up being late on the deadlines for both the Halloween pipes and the Yule pipes as a result. The first vow for 2005 is better long-term planning! Still, I'm pleased overall with this year's work and I no longer feel we have to "recapture" or "re-equal" the quality of work I was doing in my old familiar workshop in the US. I've worked hard to improve the quality and detailing of my work to help keep the pipes on par with their pricing level - a difficult challenge given the careening fall of the dollar in relation to world currencies.

  • The Chihiro
    The Chihiro
  • The Zephyr
    The Zephyr
  • The Jennie Haniver
    The Jennie Haniver
  • The Kraken 1
    The Kraken 1

The Best of Talbert Morta in 2004

2004 was definitely the year that the morta pipes "came together". We consolidated and simplified our prices and grading system for mortas into something that made much more sense, learned ways to fix some of the recurring problems we had with early production, and also really began to fine-tune the differences between mortas and briars (for instance, the fact that mortas now almost always have an airhole one size smaller than an equivalent briar, for the simple reason that they smoke better that way). While there really weren't any singularly exceptional pieces done this year (no morta Halloween pipe, for example, or any of the wilder designs), I feel the overall quality level rose appreciably and that's always a good thing. I was interested to find, at year's end, that we did not make ANY of the large Signature-grade mortas in 2004.

  • Morta Deco
    Morta Deco
  • Morta Classic #8
    Morta Classic #8
  • Morta Classic #12
    Morta Classic #12
  • Morta Prince
    Morta Prince