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Our 2002 Gallery 

2002 followed in the "grand" tradition of 2001 with the world economic downturn, people losing jobs left and right, and an overall feeling of gloom. It was also the year of our move to France, and this event managed to consume nearly the entire year. I spent the first 6 months of the year working day and night on business projections and plans, immigration requirements, and all the details of managing the international relocation (selling off most of our property in the US, personal goods, arranging shipping for what we were bringing over, searching out new furniture and appliances, etc). Then we arrived in the summer and found the place a real mess, with the transition of ownership handled very poorly, and spent the next 6 months just trying to put things in some sort of order that would allow us to start working and making money again. Because of all the other activity that went on, very few pipes were made in 2002, but I've picked a few of the better examples below.

  • The Austria
    The Austria
  • The Guinness
    The Guinness
  • The Oceanic
    The Oceanic

The Best of Talbert Morta in 2002

This is going to be a tiny little gallery because we're really just getting started on the morta pipes this year. I have a lot to learn about the material and how best to highlight its unusual graining and coloration. I hope that future years will improve on these initial "Best of" pipes substantially.

  • The Bettafish
    The Bettafish
  • The Lionfish
    The Lionfish