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Our 2000 Gallery 

I look back on 2000 as the year that I finally started to get decent with my work. I started improving a lot once I made pipemaking my full-time job, and I finally had the time to build some sort of organized approach out of all the myriad techniques and philosophies that I had been exposed to. 2000 is also important because it's the first year I did a series of Halloween pipes and they were incredibly fun. I didn't think a single one of them would sell since they were all so bizarre, but I enjoyed making them and was gratified at how popular they became. I think that in general, 2000 was the year that I stopped worrying about making pipes that would look good (or sell to) other people and just made work that I personally enjoyed.

  • Billiard 1
    Billiard 1
  • Billiard 5
    Billiard 5
  • Balmoral
  • Grendel
  • Long Lankin
    Long Lankin
  • The Rubens
    The Rubens
  • Black Annis
    Black Annis
  • Nosferatu