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Our 1999 Gallery 

1999 was the turning point for Talbert Pipes. I had orders stacked up and was working every evening and weekend, with no hope of ever getting caught up with the incoming jobs. I was getting cranky and stressed, and wanted some semblance of a life back. It was obvious that something had to go, and (after taking several very deep breaths) I decided to quit my regular job and become a full-time pipemaker. I got a small business loan and bought my sandblasting system, another lathe, and a small pile of tools - the first real tools I'd had up to that point in my pipemaking career. I still did not have anything that could be called sophisticated (except the sandblaster), but it was a start.

  • Greg Young's Pipe
    Greg Young's Pipe
  • The Bombadil
    The Bombadil
  • Minaria Grade #1
    Minaria Grade #1
  • The Helix
    The Helix
  • 1999 Yule Pipe
    1999 Yule Pipe