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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #18C10lb

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And voila, our first Ligne Bretagne Collector in a few months!. For those unfamiliar, LB Collectors are the handmade high-end of Ligne Bretagne, as compared to the normal factory-made and hand-finished standard series. Each one is a unique piece of briar art. They hew to more classical shapes but offer the superior grain displays and larger sizes of true handmades, while also requiring considerably more labor time. You can see it in the pipe, however - This oval-shanked bulldog showcases a stunning display of full ring grain surrounding the lower half of the bowl and both age rings and bird's-eye across the top.

Speaking of the bowl rim, definitely check out the enlarged photo of it above - It's maybe my favorite part of the pipe, even WITH that great age ring display on the lower half. I just love how every individual bird's-eye point is outlined in the sandblasted texture, and you can clearly see how the age rings encircle them and fan around them. It's like a briar anatomy diagram, and makes a beautiful study of the wood's internal structure in cross-section. I liked it enough that I had to make use of our new macro lens on the camera to capture that wild super-close-up shot of the bird's-eye near the bowl rim.

Aside from the impressive grain, it's an overall larger pipe than our normal Ligne Bretagnes in general, with a wider bowl chamber for a longer smoke. The bowl walls are quite fat - I'm surprised it doesn't weigh more given the thickness of the bowl, but it's VERY long-aged briar and we benefit from the overall lightness of the material. The wide oval shank gives it a bit of a Danish aesthetic from above, while the profile is classical English, and the whole piece entire should make for an excellent smoking instrument indeed.