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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1838lb

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A beautiful little "billiardwarden"! The bowl is on the smaller side, probably group 3-ish by Dunhill's vague standards, but all the proportions of the classic billiard bowl are present in 3/4 scale and I expect it to be a stellar flake tobacco pipe - Load it with something like a Gawith 'Bogie' tobacco and enjoy! It's only a semi-churchwarden... long-stemmed, yes, but not of the usual awkward fullsize churchwarden length. The result is a lovely, exceptionally elegant and lightweight pipe that would be especially suited for a lady smoker without all the chintzy fluff that usually ruins any pipe supposedly ideal for women (fingernail polish colors, lacquered painted bowl, etc).

Beyond the light weight and graceful design, the real star here is obviously the briar, though. It wasn't flawless enough to get it into Grade 5 class, but damn, this is a very nice bird's-eye display and all the more so for how intricate and tight it is. One of the shots above does a great job of both showing off the bird's-eye detail and also my new camera-phone's macro ability. I've given the crosscut bowl a two-toned contrast stain with a deep golden brown underlying a final yellow tint for a pleasantly autumnal feel to suit the fading summer. It's a lot of careful sanding and labor to produce a finish like this for the Ligne Bretagne price range, but felt the grain really called out for some extra treatment to really let it shine.