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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1837lb

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So, I guess you can tell who got a new camera, eh? Actually we got two - a Pixel 2 phone and a Lumix "bridge" camera. The Lumix can ostensibly do better photos than these, even, but the learning curve is fairly huge and I'm still struggling a lot with it, trying to get decent pics. The shots above were all done with my Pixel phone and they're more than serviceable, though - It's a little unnerving to see just how much better a phone camera of today is than my 2005 dedicated digital camera was. Look for considerably better photos coming with more new pipes.

This is another of our "shortie" billiards, made to a compact and chunky scale. I really like the ball-end stem look - We did a lot of these as one of the made-to-order LB Classics offerings and I've still got a bunch of bowls in this design to finish out, so look for more like this soon. (And the LB Classics will be returning also, eventually, but I'm hoping to integrate them into a full website redesign so it won't be tomorrow) The grain on this is wonderfully intricate, with tight bird's-eye on one side and cross grain rings spreading from the right. The smooth top shows off the grain pattern of the briar and makes a nice comparison to the sandblasted bowl for those interested in how grain works in briar.