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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1836lb

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This pipe and #1835LB represent a creative solution to a natural problem. Over the course of our very stressful last two years, we've accumulated a great deal of "This needs extra work, set it aside for now" projects in the workshop because our working time has been so limited. Now we've begun to dig into those partly-started pipes and everyone should expect to see a small flood of unusual and interesting work over the coming months as we clear out these long-delayed pieces.

This pipe and #1835 shared an issue - The horn stems they have are partially translucent in spots. It's a beautiful look when polished, as you can hold the stems up to a light and see through them in sections - The coloration is a mix of opaque milky swirls and amber-tinted translucency. The problem, however, is that some of these transparent areas were over the tenons and I really dislike being able to look at a stem and see the tenon inside of it - You see this a lot on meerschaum stems.

The solution in both cases was to thread the tenons into place and lock them, then turn down the surrounding horn enough to slide on an exotic wood ring which could be sanded flush with the stem and handily cover the tenon's internals. I decided to couple this look with a pair of our long-shanked panel billiards to create a sort of extra-long-shanked Canadian-like look.

While #1835 went for the black/black blast & morta look, this pipe is finished in our two-toned deep red & gold finish, with recesses accented with dark brick-brown coloring and highlights in a more yellow/amber tint. I'll let the photos speak for themselves - This finish really brings out the grain patterns.