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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1804lb

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A little color! Emily is often onto me about adding more color to our pipes, and we've got a whole bag of acrylic slices, horn bits, exotic wood strips, etc, all from France that we need to put to use, so here's an eye-catching bit of turqoise acrylic to give the black vulcanite stem a bit of extra zing. To offset the blue, the bowl is deep-stained in a rich contrast brown, then sanded back and finished with a deep golden yellow to add a little vibrancy. I'm not myself really crazy about a lot of bright colors on pipes, but I have to give Em credit, I think this turned out to be a nice color combination.

The bowl itself is a beautiful crossgrain with bird's-eye on both sides, with very tiny little "eyes". We graded it down a notch due to a few little pinprick spots on it, but now with the stain they're pretty darned hard to find so overall this should make a great buy for a smooth pipe for its price!