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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1803lb

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We've made these straight Prince bowls in a hundred variations by now, from the long and classical to the short and squat, and here's an ideal example of "pocket pipe stubby" - A short length of stem and shank coupled with a thick-walled bowl, making the ideal walking/traveling pipe. The reinforcement of the shank band gives it toughness, while the quirky stem styling gives it a sense of fun coupled with the unique Ligne Bretagne look. What I love about these Princes is that they're so reliable - They consistently smoke excellently, pipe to pipe, and are from our manufacturer's viewpoint essentially the perfect "Fire and Forget" pipe... I can just sell them knowing that they'll be top smokers.

Like the other band treatments we've done recently (starting with the 2017 Yule Pipes), the band has been antiqued with Liver of Sulfer and hand-scrubbed to create its vintage brushed finish. The bowl is finished almost similarly, with a deep golden penetrating understain topped with with dark red/brown, which is rubbed back to bring out the brighter highlights from beneath.