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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1802lb

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If these first pipes of the year are anything to go by, I hope 2018 will be a very good year indeed. While this bent Prince has the usual crosscut grain effect of looking a little bland in its side views, the bottom, front, top, and rear view are all spectacular, showing off some *incredibly* tight age rings. It just blew my mind when I was sandblasting this thing, watching those intricate ring patterns appear, and our Instagram followers have seen this already because I was so impressed I took it straight in to the camera and fired off a quick photo of the underside to our Instagram feed. I realize it's a bit odd to have the pipe's "showcase" photo up there be a pic of it from underneath, but just look at it... It's amazing!

It was also impressively flawless, with zero pits or discolorations or anything. As a result, the bowl is unstained although I did wax the exterior for the express purpose of giving it that more golden-orange tint that wax imbues, to help it color-harmonize with the brush-finished copper shank band and acrylic stem. And yes, I did say acrylic - While most Ligne Bretagnes either use vulcanite or horn stems, I had this acrylic stem blank (It started out much larger and differently shaped) for *years*... I brought it back from France. I think it's a beautiful swirl of colors but I'd always thought it was a little garish for most pipes, so I just held onto it waiting for the right pipe to come along, one that could visually "stand up to" its intensity. When I sandblasted this bowl and saw all that age ring patterning, I knew that that, coupled with the antiqued shank band, would be the ideal compliment. The other reason I hung onto it so long was because it's a true rarity among acrylic stems, in that it has a very thin-cut bit. I filed and shaped it a little more anyway, including the complete reworking on the slot interior, but I'd love to know where it originally came from as I've not seen any colored acrylic bits this thin and comfortable before - Usually they tend to be a thicker and somewhat chunky experience. Here, even the buttons are thin.

Will it be too colorful for our buyers, or will it be the perfect pipe for someone who prefers acrylic stems? There's no guessing, but I do know it's perfect for *me*, and may well end up happily in my own collection if it doesn't sell fast. I could use a new pipe to start 2018 with! :D