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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1801lb

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What a perfect pipe to kick off Ligne Bretagne in 2018! It's a beautiful, pristine piece of briar inside and out, the ideal example to show off this tall thin billiard design. The pale bowl is unstained, only waxed and polished, and gives a subtle grain display offset nicely by the antique-finished shank band. I used similar bands on the 2017 Yule Pipes and was really taken with the look, so expect to see more in future. I've gone over the band careful with wire brushes to tone down the gloss shine to a more muted look better in keeping with the pipe's overall gentle style.

I left the bowl coating out of this one, in keeping with its "all natural" theme, so the owner should expect a little more "wood" flavor in the first smokes, plus be a bit extra careful during break-in until a cake has been built. I expect it to be an excellent smoker owing to an interesting bit of pipe trivia - It rings. A lot of pipes, when you tap them with the back of a nail what you'll get is a dull thunk. I've often heard it told that the best briar "rings" instead, giving off a higher-pitched tink like tapping against a wine glass. Which this does beautifully. It has some nice dark swirls of bird's-eye along the underside of the shank and bowl (shown in the detail photo above) and on the rim, but the real draw is the pale blond color, ideal for darkening with use and a perfect representation of very old and very well-dried briar,