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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17Yule01lb

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Meet the 2017 Yule Pipe! It may be THE only one, too, though I'll take a couple more orders for these as described below, if there is demand. I had not intended on doing a Yule Pipe this year. As followers of our Facebook and social media accounts know, it's been an extraordinarily tough year for us here due to my wife's elderly parents having a wide variety of serious health issues that took us both out of the workshop for extended stretches of caregiving. In normal times I'd be planning the Yule Pipe back in October while finishing off the Halloween Pipes, but *everything* this year has been late. I'd just sort of shrugged and decided not to do one, but things have bene looking up in the very last couple weeks and... Well, what can I say, this week the combination of festive lights and Christmas movies and a wholly unexpected pre-Christmas snow finally got to me and I sat down and designed this pipe out of the air in one sitting.

I knew it couldn't be anything super-fancy or I'd never get it finished in time to be in someone's hands before Christmas, so I started with a basic bent Prince and the idea of bleached briar, wirebrushed ring, and clear stem just all seemed to gel... Clear stem like ice, bleached briar bowl like snow, and glittery-detailed band to evoke both holiday gifts and the ornate decor of the season. It's an understated and almost somber Yule Pipe for a very difficult year, but I'm grateful to still be hanging in here making pipes.

Now, the "Add to Cart" button above will get you the pipe shown in the above photos. I've got the stem materials and bands to make three more of these, if anyone would like to order one like the one above - Grain won't be the same, obviously, but it will be equivalent. The downside is, while I will start work on any received orders immediately, the pipes probably won't ship until Thursday or Friday at the earliest, simply because it takes days to achieve this degree of natural bleaching in briar (That's not a painted-on finish, as some other white pipes are done). So, odds are against any orders reaching the buyer in time for Christmas. BUT, they should all arrive next week, so hopefully they can stil be enjoyed next to crackling fires and Christmas trees anyway, before the season is gone. If you'd like to order one of these to be made this week, just purchase below: